Swim Spa vs. Pool: What You Need to Know

Swimming offers good exercise, relaxation, and fun for family and friends. When you’re looking to add a pool or swim spa to your home, it may seem like the options are endless. The wants and needs of every household are different, but there are a few factors that can help you determine if a swim […]

Automated Gazebos For Hot Tubs: What Are They and How Are They Beneficial?

Equip your hot tub with an innovative, durable, and easily accessible cover by Covana. Covana combines the benefits of a gazebo and a hot tub cover in just one innovative product, allowing you to make the most of your spa throughout every single season. COVANA products are compatible with most brands and sizes of hot tubs. This universal cover […]

How To Choose the Best Hot Tub for You (And Your Home)

A hot tub is a long-term investment, so you want to be sure that you choose one that is best suited for your lifestyle, your home, and your budget.  Here are some tips to help your spa buying decision: Who Will Be Using It, And How Often? Think about who will be using your hot […]

How to Stay Safe While You Soak

The health benefits of spending time in your hot tub are plentiful, especially when you soak safely.  Here’s a helpful list of ways to soak with safety in mind.  Stay Hydrated While high water temperatures bring relaxation, they may also bring dehydration.  Water temperatures in hot tubs are typically around 100 degrees. These high temperatures […]

The Evolution of At-Home Hydrotherapy

With an extensive and storied history, the Jacuzzi® brand legacy is filled with a passion for innovation and a love for family. A Future Filled with Wellness: What began as a strong determination to help a family member has flourished into a global company that has pioneered and revolutionized an entire industry. Jacuzzi has been […]

Hot Tubs: Bringing You Health And Happiness

Hot tubs are fun and relaxing, and people usually purchase them for those reasons. However, there are many other practical reasons to spend some quality time with the jets and bubbles. If you’re looking to prevent pain, save money on doctors’ bills, and finally get that sweet, sweet relaxation you’ve been begging for, you might […]

Hot Tub Water Care

WATER CARE TIMELINE Whether you’re a new spa owner or a long-time Jacuzzi® Hot Tub customer, maintaining your hot tub can be easy—it takes just a few minutes per week. After Each Use Add 1 teaspoon chlorine sanitizer and 1 capful of shock. Run the jets for 5 minutes and close the cover. After heavy use, […]