If you’re new to hot tubs, the lingo might be a little confusing. Understanding the anatomy of a hot tub will help you make the right decisions when searching for your ideal set-up.

Here’s a useful guide to understanding the basics of a hot tub:


Position of jets > number of jets.

Each hot tub has its own ideal number of jets. Sometimes, it’s not the number of jets that matters- it’s the position of the jets that matters.

Lounge style seating might provide a different hydromassage experience than other styles of seating. Find a tub with high-volume/low-pressure directional jets that are placed so they correspond with the areas of your body you’d like to target with hydromassage.


Try out the different seating options to see which ones are ideal for you.

It’s important to understand how the number of seats correlates to the size of the hot tub. If you are looking for a two-person tub to fit into a smaller space, your ideal spa is going to look much different than that of a four-member family with plenty of room for entertainment.

Some helpful questions for picking out the perfect seats for you are:

  • How are different seats designed for different massage combinations?
  • How do lounge-style seats deliver full-body therapy?
  • What are the benefits of having “cool down” seats above the waterline?

Water Management System

Let’s talk about the science of your hot tub.

You’ll want to seek out a quality water management system so that you can spend less time on water care and more time enjoying your hot tub. Your dealer can help you understand the various stages of filtration as well as optional upgrades for higher-end models. As a general rule, the more stages of filtration, the cleaner your water will be.

Bonus tip: On the subject of keeping your water clean, hot tub covers will keep your water clean and keep your heat in, increasing the efficiency of your spa.


Durability plays an essential role in determining the lifespan of your hot tub.

If you want to keep your hot tub for many years to come, be sure to consider the durability of the materials it’s made from. The cabinet consists of the outermost walls of the tub. The shell is the lining of the inside of the tub.

Both the cabinet and shell are often customizable, allowing you to add a personal touch to your spa. Be sure to explore options that are UV-resistant and maximize energy efficiency.

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