Summerset TRL Double Side Burner

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Combine the comfort of an indoor kitchen range with all the benefits of being outside. Specially designed for performance and function, a Summerset Side Burner is the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen. Commonly used for finish cooking, sauces, or heating foods that require lower, more controlled temperature than your grill; a side burner offers the convenience of range top cooking and grilling simultaneously. Find the perfect side burner for your outdoor kitchen with four professional lines to choose from: Sizzler, TRL, TRLD, and the luxurious Alturi. The TRL Double Side Burner features #304 stainless steel construction, 30,000 BTUs of power, heavy stainless steel grates, stainless steel lid, sleek design, and industry-top warranty.


  • Total BTUs – 30,000 BTUs
  • Fuel Type – Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
  • Finish – #304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Front Panel Lighting – LED Front Panel Lighting
  • Burner Type – Brass Ring Burners
  • Grate Thickness – 8mm Cooking Grates
  • Side Burner Cover Feature – Protective Stainless Steel Cover
Total Cooking Surface  19.25″ x 11.25″
Cut-Out Dimensions 11.75″ (W) x 19″ (D) x 9″ (H)
Overall Dimensions 12.67″ (W) x 23.46″ (D) x 10.83″ (H)