Solair shade solutions create a cool, comfortable outdoor living area that you can use any time of the day. You’ll have more usable space for entertaining. It’s like adding a whole new room onto your house.

Solair Shade Solutions allow you to enjoy your deck or patio however you desire – covered or uncovered. With the push of a button, you can be protected from the elements, or enjoy the sunshine when its desired.

Standard Patio Awnings

Solair standard patio awnings come in the most common widths to cover patio or deck spaces. They come with a choice of two frame colors and hundreds of Sunbrella fabric options!

Custom Patio Awnings

If you’re looking for an awning that is tailored to your exact space, a custom awning is the solution. Custom awnings come with multiple different frame color & Sunbrella fabric options.

Window Awnings

Window awnings can add to the architectural aesthetic of your home, help to control the temperature inside, and protect the interior from sun damage.

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FAQ’s About Awnings

Can retractable awnings make my patio cooler?

Retractable awnings can make your patio up to 20 degrees cooler. They can also lower the indoor temperature of your home by as much as 15 degrees (which could save you up to 60% on the cooling portion of your energy bill!).

Why choose a retractable awning over a traditional awning?

Retractable awnings are ideal for those who are looking to extend their outdoor living area and maintain the versatility of the space. With retractable awnings, you can extend or retract them at the touch of a button, allowing you to enjoy the space however you desire.

How long do retractable awnings take to install?

This of course depends on how many there are to install, but most installations are typically completed in less than a day.

How long do retractable awnings last?

Solair retractable awnings are constructed with high-quality components, so you can expect to enjoy them for many years to come. However, if an issue were to arise, Solair has a 5-10 year warranty on all of their products.

Can I leave a retractable awning out in inclement weather?

Light rain will not affect an awning’s performance, but it’s best to retract your awning if possible. If water starts to pool on the top of the fabric, it can cause damage to the awning. If the fabric does get wet, we recommend letting it dry before retracting or storing for a period of time.

An awning may bounce or sway in light wind, but a light breeze should be no concern. If you live in an area where sustained winds of 20 MPH or higher are common, you may want to get a wind sensor. It can be paired with the awning’s motor and automatically retract the awning when it detects potentially damaging winds.