We are here to help you solve problems with your home environment by inspecting, cleaning and maintaining appliances in your home that can be a hazard to you and your family; ranging from air quality to potential fire hazards. All of our technicians are fully certified and trained on the appliance they are evaluating.

Chimney Sweeping and Inspections

Chimney & Masonry Repairs

We also repair and install Chimney Caps

Chimney evaluations, also referred to as inspections, are extremely important to ensure the safety of your home and family. If there is any type of obstruction in the chimney, it could result in either a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Even if your chimney appliance saw little use last winter, we recommend a chimney inspection to ensure the fireplace is ready to safely use when the weather turns colder.


If you go back to 1998, there were over 18,000 fires in the United States alone that were directly related to fireplaces, chimneys, and heating appliances. Because of these fires, 40 people lost their lives, another 160 were injured, and there was over $150 million in property damage. More disturbing is the reality that many of these fires were preventable.

Chimney & Masonry Repairs – Taking a working chimney for granted can be costly as certain repairs are commonly required over a lifetime. You might see things such as bricks flaking or your chimney leaning that indicates your chimney will require inspection or repair. However, some repairs can only be identified by a professional.


Nesting animals, harsh weather, and general wear and tear can cause damage to the brick and mortar internally. This can lead to leaks, breaks, and cracks that require chimney and masonry repairs. The best way to ensure that the system is operating properly is to have an inspection performed by a fireplace and chimney professional.


Many newer homes feature fireplaces with chimney liners that prevent smoke from entering the home. A fireplace in an older home may not have this liner and the outdated technology can contribute to erosion over time. Though the construction of older and newer systems is similar, the materials used can vary greatly.

Chimney Caps A chimney cap covers a flue opening so debris, water, and small animals cannot get into the chimney or the home. Caps are made from different materials and come in assorted styles ranging from simple to lavish. These components are sometimes referred to as spark arrestors because they prevent sparks , which can cause the roof or dried leaves to catch fire if allowed out of the chimney.


Chimney dampers that don’t work properly or efficiently can cause many problems, like smoke back-up or the wrong amount of air flow, so get your damper checked. This is just one of many options that are available when you have your chimney cleaned and serviced.

Hiring an National Chimney Sweep Guild member gives you peace of mind:


  1. Membership indicates professionalism and credibility.
  2. Members are required to sign and adhere to a Code of Ethics.
  3. Members have access to regular technical updates via Sweeping: The Journal of Chimney & Venting Technology.
  4. NCSG is the only nationally-recognized trade association for chimney professionals.
  5. Affiliation is easily verifiable online with NCSG’s Find a Member locator.


Hire an NCSG member and hire a leader in the industry!

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