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Gas Fireplaces

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gas Fireplaces

Are gas fireplaces safe?
Generally speaking, while operating a gas fireplace improperly can be damaging to your home, taking the proper precautions can prevent any hazards that could arise. Ultimately, gas fireplaces are just as safe as any other hearth when used properly. Learn more about gas fireplace safety.
How long can you leave a gas fireplace on?
If your gas fireplace is fully vented with a sealed glass front, you can technically leave it running as long as you want. If there are no issues with the fireplace, and if everything is working properly, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is making sure it’s supplied with the right amount of gas. However, if you have a vent-free gas fireplace and don’t have a sealed front, you should avoid leaving the fireplace on for more than about three hours at a time. Keep in mind, your gas fireplace will affect your monthly utility bill. So leaving it on for lengthy periods of time isn’t necessarily the most cost-effective way to use the gas fireplace.
What is the difference between direct vent and ventless fireplaces?
The two main types of gas fireplaces are direct vent and ventless. Direct vent fireplaces require a venting system while ventless fireplaces do not.
How much gas does a gas fireplace use?
Sometimes buying firewood can get expensive, and the heavy lifting can become a pain. Because of this, many people are moving toward a much simpler way of heating up the room — gas. The amount of gas you’ll use completely depends on the brand of gas fireplace you own, the amount of time you leave it on for, and what setting you keep it at.
How much does it cost to run a gas fireplace?
It typically costs, on average, about $0.50 per hour to run a gas fireplace. A gas fireplace turned to the highest setting will use around 40,000 BTU/hour. Learn more about gas fireplaces.