Experience Health & Wellness. Physically, nothing is more reinvigorating than a deep, healthy sweat every day. Tension fades. Muscles unwind. Mentally, we emerge relaxed, revived and ready for whatever the day may bring.

The Helo experience comes in many sizes, shapes and styles—each a singular expression of quality, expertise and design. So which one is right for you? You want a sauna cabin to become a seamless part of your every day home life—which means considering structure and performance specifications as well as aesthetics.

Whatever your choice, each offers the comfort, dependability and well-being only a sauna from Helo can provide.

Custom cut, panel-built, steam, infrared; your sauna, your choice.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Sauna:

  • Saunas relieve stress.
  • Saunas relax muscles and soothe aches/pains in both muscles and joints.
  • Saunas flush toxins.
  • Sauna cleanses the skin.
  • Saunas can induce a deeper sleep.
  • Saunas bring about recreational and social benefits.
  • Saunas improve cardiovascular performance.
  • Saunas burn calories.
  • Saunas can help fight illness.
  • Saunas just feel good.

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