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Patio Furniture FAQ's

As the warm weather sets in, so does the desire to get outside. When shopping for patio furniture for your outdoor living space, you want to make sure you find a set that is perfect for you and your space. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about patio furniture:

How long should patio furniture last?

Since most sets are made with materials that will withstand environmental elements, they will often last much longer than the life of the warranty. You should expect to get many years of use out of durable, high-quality outdoor furniture.

What types of materials require the least maintenance?

Vinyl wickers, aluminum, and poly-wood are low-maintenance materials. They will be most resistant to the outdoor elements, but they will still require attention to keep clean & ready for use when needed.

Do I need to winterize my patio furniture?

Ice, snow, and extremely cold temperatures can affect the longevity of your patio set. It’s ideal to store it in a water-proof area like a basement, garage, or storage shed. However, if you do not have the extra space to store all of your furniture, it’s best to use quality outdoor covers to protect the frame and fabric from the elements.

Are patio furniture covers necessary?

While covers may not be necessary for all patio furniture sets, they can be beneficial in minimizing the amount of cleaning it requires. If your furniture sits in an area where it can catch water or falling leaves, using furniture covers will protect them from accumulating any extra dirt or debris. Furniture covers will attach securely to the furniture so that they will not move in windy conditions.

Can patio furniture covers be washed?

Yes, furniture covers should be washed to help maintain their integrity. Cleaning them with mild soap and warm water will remove most dirt or stains. Then, they should be laid flat or hung out to air dry. Be sure to review the care instructions for your cover before cleaning them.

What patio furniture accessories do I need?

Outdoor living spaces should be accommodating for everything from relaxing to entertaining. You want your patio to be both functional and delightful. Umbrellas, tables, storage boxes, and fire tables are some of the best accessories to accomplish just that.

What furniture should I get if I have a smaller space?

If you are working with limited space for furniture a smaller seating set (like small sofas, tall dining tables, and bistro sets) will help to maximize seating. Tables with storage (like shelving or console tops) will also help to maximize space. Learn more in this guide to choosing patio furniture for small spaces


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