How To Accessorize Your Patio Furniture

Outdoor living spaces should be accommodating for everything from relaxing to entertaining. You want your patio to be both functional and delightful.

Here, we’re highlighting the patio accessories that will turn your patio into your new favorite room.


If your patio isn’t covered, you’ll probably want to add an umbrella to provide some shade.

There are a few different styles of umbrellas available. Market umbrellas are the popular choice for shade and ease of use. Cantilever umbrellas are ideal for those who want more mobility and shade away from the normal dining areas.

Remember to secure your umbrella to an appropriate base to keep it from being damaged or blown away by high winds.


Telescope Chaise Tables

Outdoor tables come in all different shapes, sizes, materials, and finishes. It’s important to understand the different levels of table height because they also apply to chairs that go with them. Here’s a quick overview of the terms used to describe heights:

  • Chat height tables are typically end tables and coffee tables, but they can also be smaller bar tables and tables with chairs. They are about 22 inches tall.
  • Dining height tables are about 28 inches tall. Usually, dining height tables are bar tables or tables with chairs.
  • Balcony height is around 36 inches. This height is most common in bar tables that have smaller surfaces. However, you can also find tables with chairs that are balcony height.
  • Bar height is a tall option at 40 inches. Yep, you guessed it- bar tables are most commonly bar height, but some dining tables are also available in bar height.

Fire Tables

Mallin Sarasota Firepit Chat Group

One of the newest trends in outdoor living is fire tables. Fire tables feature colorful, crushed glass or stone called fire jewelry (or fire gems) that decorate the space around the flame. You can even choose the colors to complement your outdoor seating. Fire pits are available in various sizes to accommodate any patio.

On fire tables, the burners have risers to reduce the surface temperature of the whole table. They may also have glass guards to contain the flame in windy conditions. Some tables may have height lift kits that allow you to increase the height of the table.


If you want to decorate with plants, be sure to do your research and find plants that won’t leave messes of leaves on your patio. You also want to choose sturdy planters that won’t blow over or leak dirt/water.

When adding decorative pillows to our outdoor furniture, be mindful of the material and filling they are made from. Certain materials and fillings aren’t as water or fade-resistant as others, so you may want to cover them or store them. All-weather pillows are available and usually are more expensive but less maintenance.

Storage Boxes and Receptacles

Storage boxes can be a necessity for storing clean towels if you have an outdoor space with a pool or hot tub. They’re also ideal for storing cushions and pillows that you want to keep out of the weather.

Towel receptacles can also provide a place to hold your wet or dirty towels. If you use your patio for entertaining, receptacles are also handy for trash and recycling.

Find Accessories at Bassemier’s

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