How to Choose Patio Furniture for Small Spaces

Creating an outdoor living space may seem challenging when you have a small space to work with. However, outdoor entertainment and relaxation don’t always require a large space.

Here are some ways to turn a small patio into your ideal outdoor space:

Plan & Measure

Before you do any shopping, measure the area so that you know what can fit. You’ll also want to determine what you’re going to use the area for because the set up may be different depending on the use.

If you’re going to use it for dining or entertaining, you’ll be searching for sets with plenty of seating and tables. On the other hand, if you’re using the space for relaxation, you might not need more than a couple of chairs and end tables.

Storage Solutions

Accent tables with storage offer maximum functionality while using minimum space. Look for tables with storage space inside them (also known as console tables) and tables with shelving to solve storage needs.

Receptacles for towels are handy if you have a pool or hot tub nearby. They’re also handy for trash and recyclables when you’re hosting. This will keep trash and towels from taking up more space on tables, furniture, and walkways.

Dining Options

If you plan to use your patio for dining and entertainment, consider smaller tables that are balcony height or bar height. Taller tables and chairs will have a smaller footprint than regular dining sets that may be shorter or wider.

Another benefit of using tall tables is saving space with chairs that will fit under the tables when they’re not in use. For this, you have options of arms and backs, backs only or stools.

Small Sofas

Outdoor sofas offer a lot of seating. Since they are often the longest piece of furniture, you can maximize the space by placing them along the longest wall. Sofas with low backs or slimmer arms will make your space feel roomier and less apt to obstruct a view.

Similar to stools and tables, you can save space by using an ottoman that will slide under your sofa or chair. Tucking away the ottomans is a stylish feature that will free up walking space when they aren’t in use. The ottoman can also serve as a seat for extra company.

Finishing Touches

Add greenery to your space for natural decoration. Be sure to choose planters that won’t leak or leave messes on your patio or tables.

If you don’t have a dining table with an umbrella, you can use a freestanding umbrella to add shade and color to your set.

Shop For Options

At Bassemier’s, our sales team will help you find the perfect outdoor furniture and accessories for your space.

If you need more options, we can special order your patio set. Visit us to see our in-store and special order options.