A Guide To Modern Outdoor Furniture Materials

Comfortability and durability are two important qualities when it comes to outdoor furniture. The materials that the furniture is made from will influence both of these qualities.

Here’s a guide to the materials that are used in patio furniture:


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Cushions bring comfort outdoors, but they may not be the most weather resistant option. The water-resistance of pillows and cushions will depend on the type of filling they contain.

You’ll also find patio furniture with sling seating, which means that it’s a fabric seat with no filling. Sling fabrics are designed to be just as strong as padded seating with the benefit of water resistance.

Cushions may require a little more maintenance than woods, metals or slings. To keep them free of dirt and stains, you’ll want to keep them covered with furniture covers.


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The benefits of poly-wood are that it requires little maintenance, no painting, and it’s extremely resilient against harsh weather. Poly furniture is made mostly of recycled content, making it an environmentally friendly option.It usually doesn’t require winter storage or covering.

Poly-wood will not splinter, crack, or peel. You can find it in various colors that will not fade against the sun. It’s another low maintenance option that cleans with just soap and water.


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Aluminum is lightweight enough to have some movability and still be resistant to wind. It is a popular option since it is highly durable, rust-proof, and low-maintenance. Usually, it is finished with protective paint or powder-coating.

Tubular aluminum is the lightest because it is hollow in the center. Cast aluminum is a heavier option, but either choice is low-maintenance and extremely durable against the weather.


Most outdoor furniture is finished with a polymer coating that will not blister, fade, or splinter over time. Powder coating is also popular, as it helps to protect the furniture’s surface from rust and weather.

Outdoor tables are coated and designed to repel water. The surface may even be slightly raised in the middle so that water drains off easily.

Glass & acrylic table tops are common for wicker-style furniture because it creates a flat surface while still being able to see the texture of the wicker. Textured glass and acrylic tops are also popular to bring texture to solid pieces.

Aluminum table tops can look like faux wood or faux concrete, allowing for some versatility in design. Some aluminum tops will be slatted to prevent them from holding water on the surface. This design feature allows for water to run through the table instead of pooling.

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