Automated Gazebos For Hot Tubs: What Are They and How Are They Beneficial?

Equip your hot tub with an innovative, durable, and easily accessible cover by Covana.

Covana combines the benefits of a gazebo and a hot tub cover in just one innovative product, allowing you to make the most of your spa throughout every single season. COVANA products are compatible with most brands and sizes of hot tubs. This universal cover is intended to make your hot tub experience easier.

These covers are fully automated, elevating and lowering with the turn of a key. The Covana safely locks, covers, and secures your hot tub, allowing you to enjoy the spa safely.

It also gives you the flexibility to transform your outdoor space. When open, it will complement your backyard. When closed, it will not obstruct your garden view. The optional retractable shades can add pleasant, private intimacy to your spa.

The water-tight seal minimizes water evaporation, therefore saving water, energy, and maintenance costs. The insulation value is above industry-standards, making it the most efficient hot tub cover on the market.

The Covana cover will last as long as your spa, thanks to the aluminum structure, rigid ABS thermoplastic hardtop, and high-efficiency, fiber-reinforced XPS core thermal element. This also protects against environmental elements like ultraviolet radiation, bugs, wind, and rain.

Luxurious, modern, and quiet– this hot tub cover is the perfect accent to the hot tub of your dreams.

Need Help figuring out which one is perfect for you? No Problem. Here’s a list of all four COVANA products we offer:


Your heaven of relaxation and privacy

A groundbreaking solution to optimize the use of your hot tub, this four-season gazebo operates with the simple turn of a key and features LED mood lighting. As it securely closes and with its optional retractable shades, the Covana Oasis offers peace of mind and privacy for a luxurious experience.


Add the panorama to your relaxation

The innovative, contemporary design of the Covana Horizon allows the cover to lift at a 25-degree angle for an open view of the sky and surrounding while providing protection against the elements.


No limits to cover your hot tub

Thanks to its modularity, the Covana Evolution is compatible with most large and round hot tubs. Enjoy peace of mind and privacy with its optional retractable shades and a modern, streamlined design for a contemporary look.


Taking the swim spa experience to a new level of luxury

In less than 30-seconds, you have easy access to a covered swim spa that protects you against the weather and ultraviolet radiation while providing you with a luxurious vibe.

A protection that you’ll want to use again and again.

The manufacturing process and the choice of materials lend Covana products exceptional quality, performance, and durability. Less effort. More comfort.

To learn more about the details and features of each individual style, call Bassemier’s today!