Hot tubs are fun and relaxing, and people usually purchase them for those reasons.
However, there are many other practical reasons to spend some quality time with the jets and bubbles.

If you’re looking to prevent pain, save money on doctors’ bills, and finally get that sweet, sweet relaxation you’ve been begging for, you might consider starting a soaking schedule.

Here’s a helpful list of ways hot tubs can promote a healthy, improved quality of life.

1.) Soaking Relieves Stress

If you’re hoping to alleviate anxiety and relieve stress, soaking in a hot tub can be a great way to accomplish this.

Say Hello to Hydrotherapy
Hydrotherapy promotes a relaxed breathing pattern, which can aid in eliminating symptoms associated with depression and other mental and emotional issues.

Hydrotherapy also increases blood flow and heightens inner-body temperature, releasing “good” hormones like serotonin and dopamine, and halting the release of the “bad” hormones like cortisol.

The balance of these hormones promote a healthy, stress-free lifestyle. If you stick to a soaking schedule, you’ll more-than-likely notice the emotional and physical symptoms of your ailments begin to melt away within the first few sessions.

2.) You Can Lose Weight

When we avoid stress, we can avoid weight gain. Stress gives us the urge to eat fatty and carb-filled foods, and the release of ghrelin, the hormone that makes you feel hungry, doesn’t help.

If we can halt the over-production of ghrelin and other chemicals with a nice long soak in the hot tub, we can maintain a healthy body weight.

3.) Your Mobility Will Improve

Wouldn’t it be great to move around like you used to? If you suffer from joint pain or other movement and mobility issues like arthritis, hot tubs might help relieve the associated pain.

Joint inflammation is painful in itself, but it can also result in stiff muscles. Both of these physical impairments can impede your ability to move around as you wish. Through the rapid flow of hot water, muscle tension can be released, providing you with increased mobility and a drastically improved daily life.

4.) Muscle Recovery Time is Reduced

Get back to exercising sooner! If you’ve been injured, or if your muscles are feeling sore, try hopping in the hot tub for an hour or so.

Hot water causes dilation of the blood vessels. This helps the flow of muscle-healing nutrients to the sore body tissue that needs them most.

Soaking also prevents soreness. Even if you don’t need to soak as a “fix,” you can use it as a precautionary measure.

If you’re an athlete, a manual laborer, or an outdoorsman, you’re constantly pushing your body to the brink of exhaustion. Because of that, you have to expect to get a few bruises and sore muscles. It helps to get in a regular soaking schedule to avoid the hurt as much as possible.

5.) You’ll Finally Get Some Family Time

We all need that extra family time. A hot tub is something that people of every age can enjoy. Soaking is a great way to calm down together and have a conversation without all the phones. Most smartphones aren’t waterproof, so you can finally get your kids to focus on you instead of a screen.

Why not schedule some quality time for the family?

6.) Hot Tubs Can Enhance Your Relationships

Okay, let’s just be honest here. Hot water has a lot of benefits, and helping you get closer to your significant other is definitely one of them. As we mentioned earlier, soaking reduces stress. This makes you calmer, which makes conversation much easier. Also, when you’re hanging out in the hot tub with a loved one, you’re usually physically closer than you would be at the average-sized kitchen table.

Why not ramp up the romance?

7.) Hot Tubs Promote a Good Night’s Sleep

Since soaking alleviates stress and its associated symptoms, hot tubs also promote high-quality sleep.

Let’s talk about Cortisol again. People with insomnia typically have more Cortisol running through their system. Sleep deprivation also increases the flow of Ghrelin in the body. This is the chemical that makes you realize that you’re hungry.

Soaking in a hot tub can curb these unwanted cravings and promote a lengthy, invigorating, full night’s sleep. Also, since hydrotherapy relieves physical pain, it allows you to sleep in your preferred position.

So heat up that musculoskeletal system, and get some quality shut-eye!

There are plenty of practical reasons to soak in the hot tub on a daily basis.
Today is the perfect day to start improving your life with better sleep, better mobility, and less stress.

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