Napoleon Grills versus Weber Grills: Which One is Better?

Gas grills are one of the best ways to enjoy outdoor cooking. They allow you to cook quickly and efficiently with minimal effort & clean-up.

Finding the right grill for you isn’t always easy when there are so many options. If you’re already torn between a Napoleon grill and a Weber grill, here’s everything you need to know.

Weber Brand Overview

If you’re a passionate barbecuer, you may already have some knowledge about the history of Weber. It’s been a pioneer in the market for decades. But, you may not know that Weber was originally a metal works company that started operations in 1893.

Weber became one of the pioneers in the barbecue industry after inventing the kettle grill in 1952. The kettle grill was made from a metal buoy that was split into two parts, and it became almost synonymous with grilling and still has a large user base.

From there, Weber started creating a wide variety of grills and smokers. The brand is well-known for producing a wide range of grilling accessories, as well. They have evolved with the times – incorporating the latest technologies & features into their grills to provide a seamless experience.

Napoleon Brand Overview

Napoleon entered the market much later but has a similar origin. Napoleon also started out as a metal works company – kicked off by two German immigrants in Canada. It became a brand manufacturing grills in the 1980s and has steadily progressed with excellent grills and other heating appliances over the years.

Napoleon has become a name to reckon with in the grill market with high-end products that incorporate innovative features with excellent quality and construction. They paired this with long warranties and excellent customer service, allowing it to go head-to-head with an industry giant like Weber.

Key Differentiating Points

While both brands have great value and different models with different price points, both brands have some key differentiating points that can make the choice easier.

Cooking Area

You are more likely to find more cooking space in Napoleon models. This means you can cook for large parties or a big family with ease.

While both brands have burners with comparable heat output, it’s common to find one or more extra burners in Napoleon grills. This means more heating and versatility when cooking. Since Napoleon grills often have slightly smaller cooking areas, this means you get more heat per unit area – allowing for more efficient and quicker cooking.

The Jetfire ignition system used by Napoleon has also been recognized as being slightly ahead in terms of effectiveness, reliability, and durability when compared to the Infinity ignition system used by Weber.


One of the biggest design differences between Webers and Napoleons is the placement of the gas tank. Most Webers are designed with the tank located outside while Napoleon hides the gas tank inside all of their models. This makes for a much cleaner, tidier look.

The side tables on most Weber’s are not retractable while Napoleon tends to have at least one foldable side table. If you live in a windy location, grill lids can be a major factor. Napoleon’s 2-piece lids retain more heat and provide better wind resistance than most Weber lids.

Another major difference between the two brands is the ignition system. Weber gas grills have individually controlled burners that need to be ignited one by one. This means that if one of them gets blown out for any reason, it will not reignite itself. Napoleon gas grills feature connected burners. If one of them blows out, it will automatically reignite itself – allowing for less supervision when cooking.


For comparable models, it’s normally the case that Napoleon offers similar products for a lower price compared to Weber. If you spend a similar amount of money with both brands, you’re likely to end up with a more feature-rich model if you go with Napoleon.


Both brands offer great warranty durations and support. But, Napoleon grills usually edge out the warranty offering from Weber by a few years and covers the entirety of the grill, including all of its components & parts.

Napoleon vs. Weber – The Verdict

Overall, it’s safe to say that both brands have their benefits. But, Napoleon models tend to offer more power and versatility in a sleek design backed by a 15-year warranty.

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