What’s the Best Outdoor Playset for Your Children?

It’s no secret that children get bored easily. They need plenty of exercise, time outside, and a creative release.

Because of this, many parents choose to satisfy that “need to play” with an outdoor playset.

A playset can be a birthplace for imagination, a tool for entertainment, and an outlet for creativity, regardless of the season. However, there are several reasons to avoid the traditional wooden and steel playsets.

Here’s why you should steer your sights toward vinyl playsets:

First Thing’s First: Vinyl-Wrapped Playsets are Low-Maintenance

While you’ll want to spend time on the playset with your children, you won’t want to have to spend hours in the heat fixing it. Vinyl-wrapped playsets require little to no maintenance, allowing you to feel comfortable letting your children play on it as you enjoy some time for yourself!

That reason, among many others, is why so many parents are choosing vinyl-wrapped playsets instead of those constructed with traditional materials.

Others Reasons to Choose a Vinyl-Wrapped Playset:

  • Your kids won’t get splinters
  • There’s no staining required
  • There’s no sealing required
  • The wood won’t rot
  • The tolerable equipment temperature remains consistent

While you might need to spend more upfront to get the playset that’s best suited for your child and home location, it will most likely cost you less in the long run.

Why to Avoid Traditional Wooden Playsets

Splinters – As wood ages, and as children continue to play on it all day every day, there’s a good chance that it could splinter. The last thing you’ll want is a group of kids running to you, sobbing about the wood splinter in their fingers.

Warping & Rotting – Wood, without a vinyl wrap, simply won’t last long. If you live in a climate with varying temperatures and occasional precipitation (which most of us do), these natural effects will cause premature deterioration, warping, and worst of all, rotting. You don’t want to send the kids to play on the playset just to have to worry about them falling through each level.

Wood Bees – Nothing good comes from carpenter bees. While the males don’t have a stinger, the females do. If you buy a playset made of cedar or redwood, be ready to treat it for infestations. Also, the water that seeps into the holes created by these bees can speed up the rotting process.

Color Doesn’t Stay – A traditional wooden set doesn’t keep its color like a vinyl-wrapped playset. After a few seasons, you’ll notice the graying of the wood, and you’ll need to stain it in order to retain the color you bought it with.

Don’t Monkey Around with Steel Playsets Either

Simply put, steel is too hot.
It heats up quickly, and it stays that way.

For example, even on a relatively mild, 80° spring day, the steel can easily reach temperatures hotter than 150°. This can cause severe burning in mere seconds.

So if you plan on placing your playset in an area that gets a lot of sun, avoid buying a steel one.

Is Vinyl as strong as the alternative materials?

Vinyl is more durable than most playsets, as it’s resistant to weather and corrosion that quickens the rotting process in most standard wooden playsets.

Get More Bang for Your Buck

Pro Tip:
When you’re children have grown up, and when they’re no longer using playset, you can sell it instead of throwing it away.

For example: If you spent $4,000 on your vinyl-wrapped playset ten years ago, there’s a good chance that you can still get value from it on the marketplace.

We recently saw that someone was selling their old playset for $1,000. While it technically wouldn’t be a “profit,” getting 25% of your money back a decade after the initial purchase is a pretty appealing concept.

At the very least, it’s much more appealing than having to try to find someone who will haul the rotting wood off your property without a fee.

Why Choose Bassemier’s?

  1. We only stock the highest-quality, vinyl-wrapped playsets.
    We don’t like selling our customers anything less than top-of-the-line.
  2. For special orders, you don’t have to worry about setting it up. We’ll assemble the whole playset ourselves at no additional charge!

If you’re hoping to install a playset for your children, don’t monkey around. Call us today!