Which Broilmaster Grill is Right For You?

Grilling enthusiasts have trusted Broilmaster for exceptional performance, durability, and unmatched support since 1966. Backed by quality and support, Broilmaster grills last from generation to generation.

Broilmaster stainless gas grills feature a sleek, contemporary design. The versatile multi-level cooking grids, retract-a-rack, and timeless bow tie burner live on in this new generation of stainless steel grills from Broilmaster.

So, how do you know which Broilmaster grills & accessories are right for you? We’ve created this guide to help you decide.

How long do you plan to spend grilling?

3 Hours or Less

Broilmaster side burners & sear burners add extra space and efficiency for those who want to create side dishes while grilling the main course. 


Slow cooking can require extra space and accessories to ease the process. The Broilmaster smoker tray and rotisserie kit are the perfect accessories to do just that. If you want to slow-cook all day, these are the accessories for you.

Why are you looking for a Broilmaster?

Looking to Upgrade

If you currently have a smaller grill and you’re looking to upgrade, the Broilmaster stainless steel BSG343 is a great option. With three bowtie burners and up to 736 square inches of cooking area, this grill can provide a variety of cooking options for any size crowd.

Looking to Add a Grill

If you’re looking for additional room to grill, the 12-inch double side burner may be a good option for you. It gives you the capabilities of a traditional stovetop, with two knobs to control each burner’s temperature individually. This accessory can be ideal for those who want extra cooking room without purchasing an additional grill.

Where are you putting your grill?

Deck or Patio

If you’re placing your grill on your deck or patio, Broilmaster stainless steel carts are a necessity. The side shelves provide extra space and the doors underneath provide convenient storage space. Heavy-duty casters on each wheel allow you to move your grill with ease or secure it by locking it in place.

Outdoor Living Space

Any of the Broilmaster stainless steel gas grills can be built into an outdoor living space. From waste drawers to double-door configurations, Broilmaster grills & accessories allow you to choose the pieces that fit perfectly in your outdoor living space.

How many people do you typically grill for?

Medium-Sized Group or Less

The Broilmaster stainless steel BSG262 features two bowtie burners and up to 540 square inches of cooking space, providing a variety of cooking options for a smaller crowd. 


The Broilmaster stainless steel BSG424 is fully loaded with a variety of features. With four bowtie burners and up to 918 square inches of cooking area, this grill can accommodate any size crowd.

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