Operating and Maintaining Your Broilmaster Grill

Broilmaster grills offer a unique outdoor cooking experience. With a wide range of temperatures for unlimited versatility, it will deliver consistent results every time.

But, it’s important to keep your grill in tip-top shape with proper operation and routine maintenance. Here are some tips on operating and maintaining your Broilmaster Grill:

Tips for Operating

Prior to lighting your Broilmaster, adjust your cooking grids to the desired height. The lowest grid position is great for quickly searing steaks. The higher grid positions can be used to slow-cook and well-done meats without excessive searing.

Be sure to preheat your Broilmaster grill with the lid closed for a few minutes. This will heat the cooking grids so foods will sear properly without sticking. For gas grills, preheating also warms the briquettes (or ceramic plates) for faster cooking and better flavor.

Cleaning a Broilmaster Grill

Burn Off

After each use, you can close the lid and operate the grill at its highest setting for 15 minutes. This will burn off any excess grease and helps eliminate future flare-ups. Be sure to set a timer to remind you to shut down the grill.

Then, scrape the grid and warming rack surfaces as needed with a long-handled brush. If equipped with a grease cup, empty it at this time.

After the burn-off, you can shut down your charcoal grill by closing the lid and the two sliding air vents on the front plus the dial vent on top. Once the grill completely cools, you can rattle the charcoal racks to shake any remaining ashes and charcoal fragments into the ash tray. Then, remove the slide-out ash tray and empty it into an approved metal container.

Cleaning Gas Burners

It may seem obvious, but never clean the burners when they are hot. Broilmaster burners are made of high quality stainless steel and rarely need cleaning (except if you grill daily or often cook high-fat meat).

To clean your burners, look for grease, rust, or food crumbs blocking any of the burner ports. Remove any blockages with a toothpick or wire. If the burner is dented (or if the ports are not uniform, round openings), you may need to replace it.

Cleaning a Broilmaster Grill Cover

To clean your grill cover, use Dawn dish detergent and a brush. Then, rinse it off. Voila!

Recommended Broilmaster Accessories

Infrared Sear Side Burner

The infrared sear side burner is installed in the optional side shelf. It lets you sear steaks, pork chops, and fish before moving them to the grill to finish cooking. It can also heat a steel or cast iron pan (but should not be used with a non-stick pan because of the intense heat).

Single & Double Side Burners

The Broilmaster single & double side burners let you move your entire cooking operation outdoors. Use side burners to simmer sauces and marinades or boil a pot of vegetables. These burners are installed in the optional side shelf, as well.

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