The Top 6 Broilmaster Grill Accessories You Need

Now that warm weather is here, it’s time to fire up the grill for everyone’s favorite passtime: backyard barbecues. Whether you’re a dedicated pitmaster or an ordinary backyard cooker, the right set of accessories can take your grilling experience (and outcome) to the next level.

Get ready to step up your grilling game with these Broilmaster accessories:

Experience the flavor of real wood smoke by adding the Broilmaster smoker tray to your grill. Place soaked wood chips into the tray, set the control knob to your desired setting, and the holes will guide the smoke over your food. 

The infrared sear burner allows you to cook at high temperatures for professional style searing. This burner easily replaces one of the Bow Tie Burners on your Broilmaster grill.

3. Covers

It’s important to protect your grill when not in use. Broilmaster offers covers for each size grill, whether it be on a cart or built-in to your outdoor kitchen. 

4. Doors & Drawers

If you’re building an outdoor kitchen, doors & drawers are essential. Broilmaster offers several different configurations of doors & drawers so that you can create the ideal set-up for you.

Keep waste out of sight, store your grilling tools, and optimize your storage space with any of these Broilmaster doors & drawers.

5. Side Burners

Side burners drop into your outdoor kitchen and give you extra grilling space with the capabilities of a traditional stovetop. These burners are ideal for creating side dishes, sauces, and sauteing vegetables while you grill the main course. 

6. Rotisserie Kit

Roast a whole chicken, pork loin, roast, and much more with the Broilmaster rotisserie kit. This kit and included counterweight will evenly roast large cuts of meat from every angle. 

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