The Evolution of At-Home Hydrotherapy

With an extensive and storied history, the Jacuzzi® brand legacy is filled with a passion for innovation and a love for family.

A Future Filled with Wellness: What began as a strong determination to help a family member has flourished into a global company that has pioneered and revolutionized an entire industry.

Jacuzzi has been at the forefront of every revolution in the hydrotherapy industry. Browse the timeline to soak up some information about the background and inspiration behind one of the world’s most innovative companies.

The story began over 100 years ago.

1900s: The Italian-American Innovators

The Jacuzzi family departs Italy for the United States, where they make their mark in the aviation industry with the design and construction of the first enclosed-cabin monoplane.

They then change career paths to focus on the development of water systems and pumps in California.

In 1925, the Jacuzzi brothers invent the submersible pump, which revolutionalizes the agricultural

1950s: A Labor of Love

At the age of two, Ken Jacuzzi contracts juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, leaving him bound to a wheelchair.

After being informed that Ken would almost definitely not live to see his third birthday, his mother encourages her husband, Candido Jacuzzi, to develop a portable hydrotherapy pump to relieve Ken’s pain at home.

The unit that Candido invents significantly reduces young Ken’s pain due to the buoyancy, warmth, and massaging nature of the water.

The opportunity to utilize daily at-home hydrotherapy is a key factor in helping Ken enjoy life at home instead of living out the remainder of his days at a hospital

Guess What. It Works!
The hydrotherapy extends Ken’s life by more than 70 years!

After a long, successful life in manufacturing and marketing, Ken Jacuzzi lives to the age of 74.

That same hydrotherapy pump is the prototype of what would evolve into the iconic Jacuzzi Brand water system.

1960s: Roaring to New Heights with the Roman

Roy Jacuzzi creates the world’s first integrated whirlpool bathtub called “The Roman.”
This unique bathtub features a 50/50 air-to-water ratio, which revolutionizes the industry.

1970s: Soaking Becomes a Social Sensation

With research and marketing, the Jacuzzi brothers snag a new interested audience: socialites.

Their large indoor bathtubs turn bathing into a fun social activity.
The new heating and filtration systems make them a sensation.

1980s: Fabulous Features

New indoor and outdoor models with whirlpool baths and soothing waterfalls make their debut.
This brings class to the already sophisticated design.

1990s: Soaking in the Glory

Roy Jacuzzi is inducted into the National Kitchen & Bath Hall of Fame.

2000s: Global Advancements

Jacuzzi Brand hot tubs and bathtubs are sold in more than 70 countries. New and revolutionary advancements emerge like Pump Systems, Jet Technology, and Air Controls. All of these features aid in the health goals of hydrotherapy.

Today: Innovation Continues

The unveiling of the revolutionary J-500 Collection occurs, and the SmartTub, with its app-controlled features, is presented and garners worldwide appeal.

A Family Tradition of Innovation

The original Jacuzzi brothers would no doubt be proud of what their family name represents today. With each new innovation, the Jacuzzi Brand will continue to raise the bar on the wellness industry and beyond. Here are just a few features that set the Jacuzzi brand apart:

  • Exclusive, adjustable PowerPro jets that utilize Aqualibrium
  • A perfect mix of air and water that delivers a high-flow, low-pressure hydromassage
  • A functional design that follows the contours of the human form, perfectly positioning your body to maximize the benefits of hydromassage.

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