Top 10 Big Green Egg Accessories You Need

The Big Green Egg is one of the most versatile outdoor cookers of all time, offering more cooking options than most conventional grills combined. From appetizers to entrees to desserts, the Egg has you covered.

So, you might be wondering which Egg accessories are the best to have? We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favorites.

1. ConvEGGTor

The convEGGtor is used for indirect cooking on the Egg. It provides a barrier between the food and the flame – turning your Egg into an outdoor convection oven. The design of the convEGGtor allows heat to radiate within the dome all while preventing the direct heat of the fire from reaching the food.

It gives you the ability to smoke, roast, and bake on your Egg. If you’re looking to add some versatility to your cooking, adding a convEGGtor is one of the best ways to do that. Whether you’re gifting a Big Green Egg or purchasing one for yourself, this accessory is a must-have!

2. Grid Gripper (Regular)

The grid gripper is an accessory that everyone should have. It allows you to safely pick up a hot baking stone, cast iron pans, an ash basket, and any other hot cooking surface!

3. Covers

It’s important to keep your Big Green Egg in good shape and prolong its life. Whether it’s tucked away in storage or outside when not in use, a cover is an essential accessory.

You can find covers for all Egg sizes and configurations. So, if your Egg is in a Nest, handler, modular nest, cooking island, or hardwood table, you can find a cover to fit.

4. SpeediClean™ Palmyra Bristle Dual Brush Grid and Pizza Stone Scrubber

Metal bristles from traditional metal brushes can easily come loose and stick on the grid. Then, the next time you grill, those metal bristles can adhere to your food and be accidentally ingested.

The all-natural Palmyra Grill Brushes feature durable palm bristle pads that safely clean cooking grids and baking stones.

5. Hickory Wood Smoking Chunks

The Hickory Wood Smoking Chunks are especially good for enhancing any red meat such as brisket, pork butt or shoulder, as well as turkey, and chicken.

You can also use the seasoning as a dry rub by applying it 30 minutes or longer before cooking.

6. Disposable Drip Pans

The Big Green Egg disposable drip pans are custom-designed to work perfectly with a convEGGtor. This allows for easy and convenient clean up when cooking indirectly. They come in a 5-pack available for all sizes of Eggs.

7. EGGmitt BBQ Glove

The EGGmitt BBQ glove is a grilling glove made with durable heat-resistant fibers and features a soft cotton lining and BPA-free silicone textured surface for easy grip. It can get hot when cooking multiple things over charcoal, and the EGGmitt will protect your hand and forearm when you’re flipping your food.

It withstands extreme heat up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit for maximum protection. And, it’s reversible so you can use it on either hand!

8. Egg Genius

With the Egg Genius, you can take the guesswork out of temperature control and meat done-ness. It controls the temperature of your Egg through your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This allows you to remotely monitor and manage cooking temperatures without having to touch anything.

If you want to smoke meat overnight and sleep soundly, this is the ultimate tool for you.

9. Apple Wood Smoking Chips

The apple wood smoking chunks provide a natural sweetness that is mild enough to use with fish, shellfish, and poultry.

10. Sweet & Smoky Seasoning

The Big Green Egg Sweet & Smoky seasoning is a traditionally smoked paprika barbecue flavor. It is gluten-free, kosher, and contains no MSGs. It’s great on beef, pork, poultry, and fish as well as things like deviled eggs and Brussel sprouts.

You can also use the seasoning as a dry rub by applying it 30 minutes or longer before cooking.

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